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Audiobook Now Available!

A lady in disguise...

A rogue out for revenge...


What better way to escape an abusive fiancé and a tyrannical mother than by masquerading as the very male secretary to the most infamous scientist in the land? Davina Benwick can’t think of a single one.


But pretending to be a man is hard work, especially around her employer. He’s as charming as he is eccentric, and Davina can’t help but fall for him, though he seems hell-bent on marrying another. What’s a lady in disguise to do?


Julian Hirst doesn’t have time to be distracted by his foppish new secretary, not when there are more important things on his to-do list. Number one: finish his greatest invention ever. Number two: exact revenge on an old enemy.


Neither project is going well. And to make matters worse, when Julian discovers his secretary’s secret, he starts to have feelings for the little deceiver. That was definitely not on the list. One of his plans is about to go up in smoke…quite possibly literally.

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